Norton Shopping Guarantee, It's what Online Shoppers want for their money and Retailers for their business.

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What is Norton Shopping Guarantee?

Norton Shopping Guarantee is a revolutionary solution from Symantec a world leader in Cyber Security and Trust. It provides comprehensive Trust & Security features to Online Shopping  in a way that directly benefits online/e-commerce merchants and Shoppers. Norton Shopping Guarantee increases consumer confidence through a trusted third-party endorsement.

Three key benefits for merchants using Norton Shopping Guarantee are More Shopper Traffic, Higher Website Conversion and More Repeat Buyers. All of which drive more sales and profitability for you. With Norton Shopping Guarantee, it not only pays for itself may times over, you make more money when you use it!

Shoppers who see Norton Shopping Guarantee on your website are more likely to buy because they feel secure in their purchase decision. Norton Shopping Guarantee promises online merchants of any size an increase in conversion rate, average order size, repeat purchases, and customer satisfaction. It’s a win for customers, and a win for your business.

Norton Shopping Guarantee Benefits for Merchants.



More Shopper Traffic - Higher Website Conversion and More Repeat Buyers. 75% of shoppers say they feel more secure and confident about their purchase.

Higher Conversion Rates - The more your shoppers are confident the more they buy from your website.

More Repeat Buyers - Customers return more often to sites using Norton Shopping Guarantee.


Start a Free Trial Today: 

Norton Shopping Guarantee offers a free 30 day trial with a complimentary A/B split test. With a quick and easy installation process and 20x ROI pricing guaranteed, you have nothing to lose with Norton Shopping Guarantee. Schedule a meeting with a product specialist to learn more.

How does it work? 

1. FREE Signup

2. Less than 1hr Installation

3. Objective A/B Split Test

4. Go Live and Make 20 X ROI

No Obligation Signup. Schedule a call and a NSG Specialist will call you in less than 24 hours to set up the demo & Install.

A simple 2 step process:Insert the seal code into the global footer to activate the rollover seal and conversion kicker graphics. Insert the guarantee code on the order confirmation page.

Before you pay anything, we’ll enable you to install it on your site for free and run an objective AB test to measure the impact. We’ll even go one step further & better, we’ll GUARANTEE you will receive AT LEAST $20 of additional sales for every $1 invested in NSG.

After the AB test is run you’ve made the decision to move forward with NSG, we will active your trial to live. If you make the decision to move forward with NSG+ then install the EVSSL on top of NSG to receive the added benefits that come with NSG+. It's that Simple.

Simply fill out the form below to schedule a customized demo and a Norton Shopping Guarantee Specialist will get back to you within the next business day.

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