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The Problem: Buyers increased anxiety to buy online.

First, let’s talk about the problem that Norton Shopping Guarantee solves. It’s a buyer problem. A buyer confidence problem, but unfortunately it costs merchants like you a lot of money in the form of lost sales every single day. When shoppers feel anxious or uncertain, when they feel at risk or threatened, they simply don’t buy. Conversely, when shoppers feel confident, they buy more and buy more often. Norton Shopping Guarantee helps you make your shoppers feel totally confident, safe and secure. And this makes them more likely to buy.

Norton has studied the causes of online shopper uncertainty and there are three primary concerns that affect shoppers.

  • 1. Information Security: Will my personal info be kept safe and secure? Will my identity be safe?
  • 2. Merchant Reliability: Will this site deliver on all the promises made? Will the product show up on time and as described? Will they honor their refund and return policies? Will they provide me good service in the event of a problem? Are they good to do business with?
  • 3. Price: Am I getting the best deal possible? There is a segment of online shopper that is very price focused so reassuring them they are getting the best deal or best price is a big motivator to buy.

        Solution: Norton Shopping Guarantee.

        The Norton Shopping Guarantee enables you to leverage the powerful Norton brand from the start of the shopping process in Search all the way through purchase and it enables you to provide every buyer at your site a FREE third-party guarantee that directly addresses each of the three primary online shopper concerns. When you use Norton Shopping Guarantee, you’ll get more traffic to your site, you’ll see increases in website conversion and you’ll benefit from more repeat buyers which also drive more sales. It’s really powerful!

        The way it works is simple. Your site enjoys an endorsement and certification from Norton, the world’s #1 brand for trust and security online, backed by a suite of guarantees that directly address each of the three primary concerns of online shoppers.


        Leverage the Norton Brand and Powerful Signals of Trust & Security, from Search to Purchase

        Provide a FREE third-party guarantee with each purchase to fully address the 3 primary online shopper concerns (Identity Theft, Merchant Reliability, Price)

          Let's look at each of these merchant benefits in a bit more detail.They Are Really Powerful!

          Benefit #1: Receive More Shopper Traffic

          Norton safe shopping signaling will be provided next to all your Natural Search results in Google, Yahoo & Bing on 30 million plus computers that use Norton Security and for the 8 million people a month who use Norton Safe Search. This safety and security signaling steers shoppers to click on your search results as they know they’ll have a safe and secure shopping experience with you. When they enter an HTTPS session on your site, their browser bar will also turn “green”, thus further increasing their confidence in the safety and security of your site.

          More Shopper Traffic: Norton is visible on Google & in Norton Safe Search results (40 million+ users)

          Shopper’s Browser Bar Turns Green to Signal Industry Best Security

          And, Increase your SEO ranking in Google by protecting visitors throughout their sessions HTTPS :// SSL

            Benefit #2: Increase Website Conversion.

            Second, you able to utilize a powerful collection of graphical elements throughout your site to build shopper confidence and effectively merchandise the free Norton Shopping Guarantee you are providing every customer. The persistent Norton Shopping Guarantee seal with a rollover that sits in the corner of each page and special guarantee graphics that you can ulitize along the path to purchase to reinforce confidence and security every step of the way. All of these graphics work together to both psychologically and emotionally increase shopper confidence, thus making them more likely to complete the purchase.

            Increase Website Conversion: Leverage powerful confidence building signals of trust & security throughout the buying experience on your site.

              Benefit #3: More Repeat Buyers.

              The third major benefit of Norton Shopping Guarantee is increased repeat buyers. The free guarantee you provide every customer builds buyer loyalty which in turn drives additional sales in the future. The same store Lowest Price Guarantee also creates an incentive for your customers to come back to your site after purchase to check on the price of the item they purchased. When we bring them back, you get another shot at selling them something else!

              Delight your customers with added value and a more memorable shopping experience with 3 Free Guarantees—and they will return.

              Identity Theft: In the event of identity theft, the Norton Shopping Guarantee provides access to resources and services that help online buyers protect, prevent, and restore their identity. We will reimburse expenses up to $10,000 for things like attorney fees, removing criminal or civil judgments, and credit report disputes.

              Purchase Guarantee: If there is a problem with a customer order, we will work with you and the buyer to resolve the dispute. If there is no resolution, then we will, in our discretion, make a determination as to whether the terms of sale were fulfilled. If the claim is resolved in the buyer’s favor, we will reimburse the amount of the direct loss, not to exceed $1,000.

              Low Price Guarantee: Should your customer find their exact item at a lower price on your site within 30 days, we will verify and pay the customer the difference, up to $100.In all three scenarios, it is Norton Shopping Guarantee that compensates the customer, not your business. So not only will we help increase your revenue and repeat customers, we can save you time and money by acting as an extension of your Customer Service team.

              Finally, Post purchase certificate of guarantee will give your customers all the assurance and peace of mind they need.

              Norton is the #1 Name in - Trust & Security

              The product that is revolutionizing the industry today is the Norton Shopping Guarantee. The Norton brand is the #1 brand for trust and security online in the world and is recognized the world over. This product enables merchants to benefit from a brand worth billons at a tiny fraction of the cost by addressing their buyers concerns.

              Why Norton? Benefit from the Endorsement of a Billion Dollar Brand

              The Norton brand is seen almost 1 billion times a day across 170 countries

              1 in 10 shoppers will not conduct business with a site if they do not see the Norton Seal

              Norton Shopping Guarantee Demo Request

              Norton Shopping Guarantee Demo Request

              90% of people say they are more likely to continue with a purchase when they see the Norton brand

              Norton is the most recognized seal in trust & online security

              Norton Shopping Guarantee, Changing the face of e-commerce.

              Norton Shopping Guarantee is a revolutionary solution for providing shopping comprehensive trust & security in a way that directly benefits online merchants. Three key benefits – More Shopper Traffic, Higher Website Conversion and More Repeat Buyers. All of which drive more sales and profitability for you. With Norton Shopping Guarantee, it not only pays for itself may times over, you make more money when you use it!

              More Shopper Traffic

              Promote your Google search results on 40 million+ computers with Norton.

              Higher Conversion Rates

              Confident shoppers stop waiting and start buying.

              More Repeat Buyers

              Customers return more often to the sites that have Norton Shopping Guarantee.

              Thousands of Leading Merchants Already Benefit. Join Them!

              Today, thousands of leading merchants are using Norton Shopping Guarantee. As you can see, our client base is very diverse. Basically, if you are an e-Commerce merchant looking to increase revenues we can help! We hope to be able to add your logo to this page!

              Thank you for providing the Norton Shopping Guarantee for this purchase. We live in an age when so much of our privacy and identity are easily threatened. I feel good about this.

              Robert G., long-time Customer
              John Doe UI/UX Designer

              Thank you very much. The guarantee is so appreciated. This computer will be a gift for our high school granddaughter.

              John. H, long-time Customer
              John Doe UI/UX Designer

              HOW TO GET STARTED

              Start a Free Trial Today: 

              Norton Shopping Guarantee offers a free 30 day trial with a complimentary A/B split test. With a quick and easy installation process and 20x ROI pricing guaranteed, you have nothing to lose with Norton Shopping Guarantee. Schedule a meeting with a product specialist to learn more.

              How does it work? 

              1. FREE Signup

              2. Less than 1hr Installation

              3. Objective A/B Split Test

              4. Go Live and Make 20 X ROI

              No Obligation Signup. Schedule a call and a NSG Specialist will call you in less than 24 hours to set up the demo & Install.

              A simple 2 step process:Insert the seal code into the global footer to activate the rollover seal and conversion kicker graphics. Insert the guarantee code on the order confirmation page.

              Before you pay anything, we’ll enable you to install it on your site for free and run an objective AB test to measure the impact. We’ll even go one step further & better, we’ll GUARANTEE you will receive AT LEAST $20 of additional sales for every $1 invested in NSG.

              After the AB test is run you’ve made the decision to move forward with NSG, we will active your trial to live. If you make the decision to move forward with NSG+ then install the EVSSL on top of NSG to receive the added benefits that come with NSG+. It's that Simple.

              1. Schedule an installation call
              2. Jointly conduct an A/B test (proof of concept)
              3. Review the results & turn Norton Shopping Guarantee to 100% live
              Norton Shopping Guarantee Demo Request

              Become a Merchant, Set up a FREE 30 Day Trial. See firsthand all the ways Norton Shopping Guarantee will help you increase online conversion and customer satisfaction.

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